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Frequently Asked Questions  WHOLESALE VISITORS


Q: What are the Qualifications to Purchase as a Retail Jeweler Wholesale

A: Licensed Jewelry retailer without active retailer carrying Concepts in immediate market area: Fine Jewelry Store, or very reputable Gift, Clothing or Specialty Stores only. If you do not qualify to purchase wholesale, you are invited to purchase from one of the many jewelers that offer Concepts throughout the USA & Canada!


Q: What is the Minimum Order for a Retail Jeweler Purchasing


USA: Established Accounts have no minimum

Canada: Multiply by 1.65 for billing in Canadian as well as Canadian Retails. This helps cover the Brokerage costs. IF you want to pay in US funds, you pay brokerage or clear the package yourself. 36 Pair Canadian funds, gives you Free Brokerage, under 36 pair Canadian or US funds, buyer pays brokerage.

Outside USA & Canada: 12 Pair mixed for triple keystone pricing. Buyer pays brokerage.


Q: What are the Wholesale Terms of Sale?

A: Options Outlined Below:

1. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex, Check or Money Order, COD (USA ONLY)

2. JBT Rating 1 or 2, net 30 days.

3. RJO, SJO, CJG buy through group pre-approved for Net 30 Days. Longer terms available for displays!

4. JBT or Other History of Insufficient Funds or any relation to bankruptcy: COD Money Order or Certified Funds.(USA ONLY)

5. Outside of USA & Canada, Credit Card.


Q: Can Items Be Returned?   - Individuals, please click here.
A:  Jewelry Retailers:
RETURNS/REPAIRS: Defective Merchandise may be returned for repair, replacement or refund. Please insure and keep proof of return. Click Here for More Details.

EXCHANGE POLICY: Concept will gladly issue credit or exchange for items not moving in your store at Cost less Packaging Cost (PC)


1.) Call Concept to Order SALE PACK to use prior to return.

2.) Concept will send Sale Pack: Your Choice of Sales: Buy 1 Get 1 of Equal or Less Value Free; 30% Off or 50% Off.

3.) Run Sale for 2-4 weeks. This gives you an opportunity to create excitement and sales in your store! You can overlap your new order with the old merchandise, or wait until you return your old merchandise, your choice.

4.) Prepare remaining items for return. List out all style numbers you are returning and the retail ticket amount. If you want Concept to calculate the credit amount* no copies of invoices needed, otherwise please enclose copies of invoices showing what was paid for the items you are returning.

5.) Please Insure return shipment. Concept can not be responsible for packages lost in transit.

6.) Credit amount to be cost less Packaging Cost (PC)

Product purchased as padded $.19/pad

Product purchased with Boxes: $.59/box

Ear Piercing Earrings in Sterile Bubble Pack: $.25 /pack (Ear Piercing Earrings no longer in sterile bubble packs can not be returned for credit.)


*Concept calculates credit: Items normally sold at special costs, credit issued at special cost less packaging cost. Items normally sold at triplekey, credit issued at triplekey, less packaging cost.


Q: How do Jewelers Contact Concepts

A: Customer Service - Just a phone call (or fax) away!

Call: 1-800-926-3277  Fax: 1-800-247-7290

Outside USA & Canada Dial your exit code & then to Call: 1 (252) 247-5285, Fax: 1-(252) 247-7290



Mailing  & Physical Address

Concept Marketing, Inc.

1000 Arendell Street

Morehead City, NC 28557 US


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m. Eastern

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Closed Holidays

Closed "4th of July Week" and Closed for Christmas Holidays and week between Christmas & News Years Day.


Q: How do other Vendors Make Company Contacts

A: Please send emails to: with your company name listed in the Subject. You may of course contact us by mail using our mailing address.


Q: Can the Factory be visited?

A: The Concepts Factory is not open to the public.

Wholesale purchasers with licensed retail outlets may make appointments in advance to visit the factory. Please contact: or call Laurie at 1-800-926-3277. Please provide store name, your name, address, and telephone number, date of visit and preferred time. All efforts will be made to accommodate your request.


Q: Does Concept Show at Trade Shows?

A: Atlanta SJTA - JCK Vegas, JCK Miami October, RJO & CJG. Click here for more information.

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Q: Where are Concepts Earrings Made?

A: Proudly Made in the USA, assembled, packaged & distributed from the Concepts Factory in Morehead City, North Carolina.


Q: What are Concepts Earrings?

A: Dermatologist recommended Concepts Earrings are nickel allergy free. The Concepts gold tone styles are made of strong stainless steel with pure 24 karat gold; the silver tone styles are made of highly polished stainless steel; Concepts 14Kt Gold and Concepts Sterling silver are made without the nickel alloy. Sterling silver is .925.


Q: Why Do Concepts Not Irritate Sensitive Ears?

A: All parts of the earrings are made safe for sensitive ears. Unlike other products, Concepts are made from one piece of surgical stainless steel or from more than one piece that is essentially made into one piece: when made from more than one piece, the pieces are electronically fusion welded together, so that there are no irritating solders


Q: What Causes Earring Problems?
A: Nickel is present in virtually all metals, but the potential to cause an allergic reaction is determined by the density of the metal, or how tightly the nickel is bound into the metal. Gold for instance is a very porous and soft metal, and nickel is usually one of the alloys used for hardness and brightness in 14kt or 18kt gold. Because gold is porous, nickel may be released onto the skin and cause an allergic reaction for millions of people who have sensitivity to nickel. Concepts earrings are made nickel allergy free. You can purchase Concepts with confidence: purchase price refund guarantee!


Q: Why Concepts Earrings for Sensitive Ears?

A: Concepts unique use of surgical stainless steel in producing a complete earring assortment has been the fashion savior for "Nickel Sensitive" people. Dr. Frank C. Koranda, a noted dermatologist from Shawnee Mission, KS, explains that "in stainless steel, the nickel is so tightly bound that essentially none is released."* Dr. Koranda has tested Concepts Earrings and recommends Concepts to his nickel-sensitive patients.


Q: What are the Symptoms of Allergic Contact Dermatitis?

A: Symptoms range in severity from slight redness and irritation to soreness, itching, draining and cracked skin on the ear lobes.


Q: How can a nickel-sensitive people take care of this problem?

A: According to Dr. Koranda, "the only definite treatment of Allergic Contact Dermatitis (nickel sensitivity) is avoidance of the causative agents..."* in other words these individuals must stop wearing those earrings that irritate their ears. "These (Concepts) earrings have been tested by us on a series of nickel-sensitive patients and they did not cause dermatitis."*


Q: What makes Concepts different from other "hypo-allergenic" or "sensitive" earrings?

A: Concepts are made so that all parts that touch the ear are safe for Sensitive Ears. To achieve a "golden" look, surgical steel parts are electroplated with a thick layer of 24kt gold. The gold finish has a lifetime guarantee. Concepts now offers 14kt Gold or Sterling Silver made Safe for Sensitive Skin! With Concepts your satisfaction is always guaranteed!


Q: Why do some people suddenly develop problems wearing pierced earrings?

A: The body chemistry of individuals may change periodically. Individuals who could wear any form of jewelry may suddenly develop a reaction and not be able to wear earrings, watches, rings, necklaces, etc.


Q: Where Can an Individual Buy Concepts Earrings?
There are over 1,200 fine jewelers that sell Concepts in their store. Please click here to find a store near you. If there is not a store in your area, town, city, or market area, you may contact our office and we will direct you accordingly. Please provide your complete name, address, email and how you found out about Concepts Earrings. You may email us at


Q: Can Concepts be returned?  Stores Click here to go back to above.
A: Individuals, Concepts are guaranteed quality and to not cause irritations. Please visit the place of purchase for repair or replacement. If this is not an option, please contact our office. Call 1-800-926-3277 or email
Return labels are at the following link.


Q: What are the instructions for caring for Newly Pierced Ears?
A: How to Care for Newly Pierced Ears:

Clean your ears twice a day with Ear Magic.

First saturate one end of the swab (dip cotton swab in ear magic.)

Gently push earring from back and clean between earring and ear lobe. (dip the clean side of the swab.) Do the same between the earlobe and earring back.

Do not twist or turn the earrings, just push forward and back to clean.

Do not remove the studs for the first 6 weeks.

Careful to not snag your earrings on clothing, towels or by other means.

Cosmetics & hair spray should not come in contact with earlobes. Cover earlobes with hand or paper cup when using sprays.

Clean after swimming, showering, heavy exercise or if lobs become soiled between cleanings.


After removing the first time, do no go without earrings for the next 12 months.

Avoid wires for 6 months and always avoid heavier styles.

Continue to clean ears twice daily with Ear Magic.

Do not wear your earrings too tightly.

If lobes should become irritated you may be having an allergic reaction to the nickel used in making fashion and 14Kt gold pierced earrings. In case of injury / irritation reinsert piercing studs until healed and consult your doctor.

Concepts Earrings for Sensitive Ears are made non-irritating for sensitive ears. Look for Concepts at your favorite place to shop for jewelry.


Concepts Earrings & Pendants are Proudly Made in the USA. Family Owned & Operated Since 1973

Concept Marketing, Inc.
1000 Arendell St.
Morehead City, NC 28557 USA

Phone: 1-800-926-3277 Fax: 1-800-247-7290