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MSRP RETAIL $39.50-$49.50 US ($65.50-$82.00 Canadian)

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Choice of Box: Gray Box or wrapped bow Box with Removable Lids!
Choice of Round Sizes: .01 TW Diamond Set in 3mm, 4mm or 5mm Settings
Choice of Shapes: .01 TW Diamond Set in Illusion Round, Hearts or Flowers

Choice of Metal Color: (W) White: Highly Polished Concepts Stainless Steel  (Y) Yellow: with 24Kt Gold

#1 Promotion - Diamond Earrings


#31347 (W) Daisy

#41347 (Y) Daisy
#31339 (W) Small Daisy
#41339 (Y) Small Daisy

Hearts 5mm

#31343 (W) Hearts

#41343 (Y) Hearts

MSRP Retail

$49.50 US  $82.00 CA

MSRP Retail

$49.50 US  $82.00 CA

Also Available in Sterling Silver Necklaces & Sterling Silver Earrings

3mm Round Set

#30340 (W) Tiffany

#31340 (W) Buttercup

#40340 (Y) Tiffany

#41340 (Y)  Buttercup

4mm Round Set

#31341 (W) Tiffany

#41341 (Y) Tiffany

5mm Round Set

#31342 (W) Tiffany

#41342 (Y) Tiffany

MSRP Retail

$39.50 US  $65.50 CA

MSRP Retail

$45.00 US  $74.50 CA

MSRP Retail

$49.50 US  $82.00 CA

MRSP Retails Shown
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