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Concepts® Earrings for Sensitive Ears and Jewelry Promotions are proudly made in the USA by a family owned and operated company that cares. Our company, Concept Marketing, Inc., opened its doors in 1973 as a jewelry industry marketing firm. After a short time, the company embarked on a different path. Our founder, Larry Moore, developed a surgical stainless steel ear piercing stud that was safe for sensitive ears. An industry breakthrough, the nickel allergy free Concepts® ear piercing stud was doctor tested, and dermatologist recommended as part of a one-step ear piercing system. When Jewelers shared that their customers could wear the Concepts® ear piercing studs, but reported allergic reactions when they changed to other earrings, Larry developed Concepts® Earrings for Sensitive Ears, earrings that everyone could wear! After a published recommendation in a medical journal and gracing the cover of a national bridal magazine, Concepts® nickel allergy free earrings for sensitive ears hit the ground running! Concepts Earrings for Sensitive Ears are available though Fine Jewelry Retail Jewelry & Gift Stores.

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Concepts® Earrings
for Sensitive Ears

Nickel Allergy Free

Doctor Tested & Recommended

Proudly Made in the USA

Concepts® Earrings are made of nickel allergy free highly polished surgical stainless steel and 24 Karat Gold. The entire earring is made allergy free. Pieces are joined together through a special electronic welding process where no solder or other irritants are needed. Concepts® are made so that all parts that touch the ear are safe for Sensitive Ears. Concepts® Goldtone styles are made of surgical stainless steel, then a very heavy layer of 24kt gold is electronically plated directly onto the steel. The fine jewelry finish of Concepts® Earrings is guaranteed. We use up to 10 times more gold on gold-tone styles than most other plated fine jewelry vermeil lines. The finish of Concepts® Earrings lasts for decades!