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Concepts® Ear Piercing and Ear Magic

Since 1973

Allergy Free

Safe for
Sensitive Ears

Doctor Approved, Concepts® Ear Piercing is nickel allergy free and safe for Sensitive Ears. Concepts® Ear Piercing Studs are specifically designed for piercing. Proudly made in the USA from surgical stainless steel and 24 karat gold, Concepts® posts are the perfect size for healing, with safety notch and clutch backs.

Ear Piercing Tool

Concepts® Ear Piercing Earring Studs come in packs of 5 pairs. Each earring is packaged in its own sterile blister, so Jewelers can pierce just one – without opening a whole pair! Release forms, marking pens, point of sale signs, mini posters, and Ear Care Appointment Cards are included.

Concepts Studs

Concepts® Ear Piercing Studs are available in many styles. Retailers may order a Concepts® Ear Piercing Point of Sale Display to show the styles they offer. To see the many available styles, Click Here to View PDF.

Concepts® Ear Magic

Bottles Of Ear Magic
Concepts® Ear Magic is a gentle Antiseptic for the Care of Pierced Ears & Earrings. Proudly made in the USA, Ear Magic has no added perfumes or colors. The secret to Ear Magic is the active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride (U.S.P. 1:1000) which is used in hospitals and health care facilities when a more gentle approach is needed.
  • Safe for Sensitive Ears

Ear Magic is safe for Sensitive Ears. Unlike alcohol, Ear Magic will not dry the skin. It also does not Sting, does not have a strong ‘scary’ smell, and will not stain!

  • Gentle, yet Effective

Ear Magic is great for daily cleaning of pierced ears and earring posts. Gentle, yet effective, it’s even safe for delicate pearls and opals!

  • Great Traffic Builder

A bottle of Ear Magic should last 4-8 weeks, which means the customer will be returning to YOUR STORE at least that often to purchase Ear Magic and other items you sell!

How to Care for Newly Pierced Ears

Ear Piercing Instruction Manual